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Vancouver Area Meal Delivery Service
Feastro Fresh To You offers organic, custom meals delivered to your door!

3 Day Chef-Prepared Meal Delivery Trial for $125!

We deliver to: Vancouver, UBC, North Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Bowen Island, Burnaby, New Westminster and other select locations.

*If you'd like to skip step 2 for the trial, let us know on the order page or call us at 604-868-9339.

We deliver delicious, nourishing, organic prepared meals right to your door. Order as many or as few meals per week as you need - our flexibility makes it easy and affordable to eat healthy any day of the week.
Let us know if you'd like to see us in your neighbourhood!


Our Roots

Too busy to cook healthy, nutritious food? Going out to Vancouver area restaurants instead of cooking at home? Need to be on a special diet for a health condition, fitness/weight goal, or lifestyle change?

Your Feastro Fresh To You Meal Delivery Service program starts with a detailed intake session with our Certified Holistic Nutritionist. We identify your goals, preferences, allergies, and a plan that will best suit your schedule and health goals.


Our Juice

Our chefs can work with virtually any dietary restrictions or guidelines to create delicious and satisfying ready-to-heat meals and salads as well as snacks/desserts that will leave you feeling energized. Think of all the time you're going to save on meal planning, shopping, preparing, clean-up and recycling. You won't know how you did without our fresh delivered meals before. 


Featuring organic
bone broth

 Our home-delivered organic bone broth is lovingly created through a low-heat, long simmer process designed to provide the highest concentration of nutrients for the greatest health benefits.

Read about the benefits of bone broth:


How it works


Everything is about the food and experience. If you're looking for a Vancouver area alternative to do-it-yourself cooking, Feastro can help!

Optimal health depends on a strong foundation of healthy food that includes raw & cooked vegetables & fruit (organic wherever possible), organic and locally sourced grass fed beef, poultry, lamb, pork, and fish and shellfish that has been wild-caught and sustainably harvested. Whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes like dhal, beans, peas, alfalfa, clover are prepared for easy digestion and maximum nutrient value. Healthy fats play a key role, boosting brain power, creating resilience to power you through stressful days, and help in building muscle strength and bone/joint elasticity and flexibility. 

Have any dietary restrictions? We will create a menu that fits your lifestyle or health needs, whether that's dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb/low glycemic, vegan or vegetarian.