Our Organic Suppliers

Here's just a few of the organic food suppliers we work with at Feastro Fresh to You:

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Two Rivers Meats

Together, we bring meat from farms to tables in a way that lets you understand and appreciate the food you eat. Our work is guided by three key values: quality meat products, respect for the animals and people we work with, and excellence every step of the way—from how we choose our partners to the cuts on your plate.
Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Beef and Bison.


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Discovery Organics

Our hearts still belong to the small scale growers, family farms and agricultural co-ops. We have visited dozens of farms across B.C., working with growers to see them move to larger and more financially sustainable operations. We feel encouraged by the impressive increase in consumer demand for certified organic fruit and vegetables. 


Northern Divine

Our farmed sturgeon has been labeled as sustainable seafood by Ocean Wise and recommended by Sea Choice and the Monterey Bay Aquarium - Seafood Watch program. Sturgeon flesh is firm and boneless, golden fat, contains omega 3's, delicately flavored and similar to pork or chicken breast in texture.


Deluxe Seafood

Between the three owners we have a combined 100 years experience in the Seafood Industry.

We are always aware and up to date with the latest issues affecting the industry including food safety, product availability and environmental issues.